When Knowledge Strikes

I’ve only got one reason to be excited today, but it’s a good one.

At 14:00 today I rolled out of bed, head aching, and remorsefully canceled a date with my friend. She’s a musician and we were going to discuss the terms of working together as copywriter and artist. I was too groggy, though, having slept so little and too late in the night. However, talking to her reminded me of a deal we made about writing an artist description, so I opened a document I’d written earlier about her artistic values and ambitions.

We made the deal a week ago, or aybe even more than a week ago. I don’t remember, because I’ve been avoiding it.

My friend was hesitant to accept when I offered to write for her. She hates that aspect of the business, and doesn’t get how anyone could enjoy it. I assured her I do, though. “It’s fun for me,” I said. “I like this kind of stuff.”

And, y’know, I meant it at the time. I’d mean it if I said it now. But between then and now, all I felt was dread at the thought of even starting this make-or-break task. Make-or-break for her, that is, since an artist description can either get your music featured or thrown in the trashcan. This fact made it all seem even more monumental.

So, back to why I went to woke up at 2: I was up all night watching an online writing course. It got into narrative, paragraphs, sentences and words, and I devoured it all with a fierceness I’ve been missing in myself lately. When I couldn’t keep my eyes open anymore, I unwillingly gave up and went to sleep.

And here we are. When I woke up, I was excited to start the day because I’d get to write. I have no idea how that course could inspire such a huge change in my attitude, but it did. I got up, and talking to my friend reminded me that I need to write her that damn description.

And then I just started.

Not that that course swooped in and cleaned out all my fears and misconceptions of writing for good. I highly doubt that. But something about the clear explanations and demonstrations in that course just boosted my self-esteem by 10 000. I’ve honestly never experienced such a quick change in outlook, and it made an already groggy day so much better.

It made me believe that some day, the writing I create and the image I have of good writing will match.

I’ll make sure of it.

(The writing course I bought is called Ninja Writing: The Four Levels of Writing and is on sale on Udemy now. Click to see it.)


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