I’m having serious trouble writing. Even though I write almost every other day at work, I can’t seem to make the words come out when I’m writing for myself and for my blog (that’s currently sitting unused). They don’t even get stuck – I can’t get started because I’m too scared. Near death analysis of the problem has made me able to boil it down to three issues:

  • I’m scared of ridicule
  • I can’t find ideas I’m passionate about
  • Writing seems like a chore

Growing up seems to have hidden the joy of writing, but I’ll find it again. If you’re having the same troubles I am, let’s explore them together.

Welcome to Writing Onward.


4 thoughts on “About

  1. I have almost written 600 stories maybe I can help you write. I write a lot of horror I love the genre the films and the characters, i use my friends as characters to make the stories more special, i write about things i am passionate about like basketball. i think the big key for me is writing for friends its a special thing to do and makes them happy. it drives me. for me its a lot of fun. i think people’s opinions rest with themselves. i care about what my friends and supporters have to say. dont be scared you are a great writer. you will find ideas just give yourself time. dont stress writing is meant to be fun. its a healthy coping mechanism as well as a great outlet.


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